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The author's experience of handling hundreds of training programmes ensures an engaging and easy to understand approach to mastering the subject.


  • Benefits of investing in mutual funds; how they compare with other investment avenues
  • The different types of equity, debt, balanced and liquid schemes available for investment - and the rewards and risks each one entails
  • NAV - what it reveals, its calculation and finer nuances
  • The costs of investing in mutual funds - loads, expenses and management fee
  • How to select a mutual fund for investment: the things to look for
  • How to compare mutual funds: the right risk / return evaluation tools for different kinds of schemes
  • Investing in gold and real-estate through mutual funds
  • The safety net of mutual fund investing - information disclosure and investor protection stipulated by SEBI
  • Disciplined methods of mutual funds investing - systematic investment, withdrawal and transfer plans
  • Smart Beta and Performance Attribution
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain and Virtual Reality in the context of mutual funds