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Epilogue for "Wealth Engine" from Mani Subramanian CEO, Barclays Bank PLC, India

Wealth management is a challenging field of critical importance to India and Indians.The country offers attractive investment possibilities. The increasing flexibility provided to Indians for investing abroad, is both an opportunity and a risk. It is therefore essential to imbibe sound wealth management principles.

Launch of new financial products is an ongoing process, across the world. Every new product innovation adds a new dimension. Investors as well as financial advisers need to therefore keep learning.The knowledge will help them stay ahead of the curve and ensure that wealth is not only adequately protected, but also efficiently managed for optimal returns.

Besides understanding financial products well, a professional wealth manager has to appreciate the psychological aspects of the client. During volatile market conditions, the psychology becomes even more important than the product.

I am glad that Sundar has addressed all these issues. Wealth Engine explains the concepts, provides the background data, and analyses through multiple frames to weave new perspectives on Wealth Management.

The Financial Blood-Test Report is an interesting snapshot of an investor’s wealth position. Sselectivvelly-Invest Classification scheme for investment products is simple, elegant and novel. Such tools can only make the wealth management domain more robust. The inimitable humour and apt analogies ensure that despite the depth of content, the book is interesting to read.

Wealth Engine is a comprehensive book from a professional who has seen it all in the financial world. If all wealth seekers and wealth professionals read Wealth Engine, the investment world will be a much safer place.