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Profitable Investing is the key to converting savings into wealth. For this, you require a clear financial plan, an understanding of various investment products - and timely action. This innovative handbook is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of wealth building and wealth management.

Wealth Engine highlights the risks and returns from all the popular investment classes, including equity, debt or income investments, gold, real estate, art etc. It also provides a wealth of detail abou the different products available in each investment class, along with their actual, sometimes startling, historical returns.

Uniquely, the book looks at the world of personal finance and investments from an Indian perspective. It provides an innovative solution for weaving together all the elements of financial planning and profitable investing into an actionable programme, including cash flow lanning, asset allocation, managing your liabilities and loans, estate planning, succession management and tax planning.

Wealth Engine offers a perspective into the emerging roles of the wealth manager, and the expected areas of expertise. Wealth Managers need to make their own competency development plans along these dimensions.

Moving smoothly between a bird's eye-view and a work's eye view, the author provides a 360-degree perspective on financial planning and wealh management and shows how your personal wealth engine an make you rich. This book is destined to become an investment classic.